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Courtney Melba Barnett was born on November 3rd, 1987 in Melbourne, Australia. She is well-known for her rambling song lyrics and her exceptional singing style. Barnett played the second guitar between 2010 and 2011 in Melbourne garage grunge music band. The band released a single album that was recorded on cassette. She Joined Australian psych-country band in 2011 and took the responsibility of playing slide guitar. Courtney featured in the band's second studio album titled 'Anyway'. In 2013, she featured as the lead guitar on Jen Cloher's third studio album titled 'In Blood 'memory followed by the release of her first song in August 2013. She gained massive popularity across Europe with the release of her debut song 'titled EP, I've Got A Friend Called Emily Feris'. Courtney released her debut studio album in March 2015 titled' Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit.' Her debut album received numerous support on the International scene with a significant number of publications grouping it among the best albums in 2015. In August 2015, Barnett in partnership with Mom+Pop Music and Milk! Records launched a worldwide guerilla campaign for the release of one of her greatest single hits titled 'No Body really cares if you don't go to the Party'. Posters and billboards bearing her name and the title of the song went up in Los Angeles, Melbourne, London, New York and Sydney garnering a lot of interest online. She was acknowledged as a standout performer by both the 'New York Times' and 'Rolling Stone' after her electrifying performance at the CMJ Music Marathon. Courtney was nominated in a record eight categories at the ARIA Music Awards of 2015 banging four awards. She was also nominated for the 2016 Brit Awards in the category of the Best International Female Artist. Barnett appeared on the season finale of 'Saturday Night Live's' 41st season as the guest music artist, a role she al''so played on 'The Tonight Show' Starring Jimmy Fallon.

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